Maritime sustainability links – Monday, 05 September 2022

A few interesting things I found recently:

Green Corridors: Definitions and Approaches – A Discussion paper from the Global Maritime Forum (Global Maritime Forum)

.As interest in green corridors ramps up, and various entities and signatories to the Clydebank Declaration start in earnest to work out what they actually need to do, the Global Maritime Forum has published a paper that compares how the green corridors are defined, and how plans are being initiated and implemented. From the paper’s executive summary:

…the paper considers emerging approaches to defining, initiating, and governing Maritime Green Corridors, and puts forward recommendations in each area. These recommendations attempt to reinforce the most effective and impactful approaches while acknowledging the need for flexibility

Global Maritime Forum, 2022

Get ClimateReady – What is meant by sea level rise? (The Met Office)
Monitoring and responding to sea level rise (The Met Office)

Two recent blogs from the Met Office relating to Sea Level Rise. From the first blog:

Rising sea levels can cause significant impacts for infrastructure, coastal communities and wildlife across the globe, and it is clear that a combined approach, implementing both mitigation and adaptation measures, is necessary to avoid the worst of these impacts.

Met Office Press Office, 2022


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