For the lovers of the footpaths and the footnotes

About Kevin Jones / Notepaths

I am a writer and sustainability advocate. I help individuals on their sustainability journey when I share the lessons of my own journey, I write to communicate complex issues and make them accessible, and I help individuals understand their place in the global ecosystem.

Alongside sustainability, I write about anything that interests me, from stationery to life in the Westcountry, with diversions to travel, cultural awareness, personal development, mindfulness, food and drink, dog ownership, and much more.

By day, I’m a project manager and civil engineer. I currently work in flood risk management on one of the UK’s largest programmes. In my free time, I enjoy nature, dog walks, drawing, ale, good food in good company, rugby and martial arts.

I could write more, but the best way to learn about me is through my writing. I believe that writing reveals as much about the author as the topic, and I strive to be open, honest and personal with my content.

Why Notepaths?

I looked for a user name that communicated my loves of travel, stationery, and learning and discovery. In a hotel lobby in Mumbai, I read a letter in a travel magazine that espoused that travellers should be “lovers of the footnotes and the footpaths”. I loved this sentiment, but thought that (a) it sounded better the other way around (the footpaths and the footnotes), (b) footpaths covered travel, (c) footnotes covered learning and discovery, and (d) if I combined elements of both it could sound sort of like “notepads”, thus picking up stationery.


I’m an editor and writer at Rethink Convenience, a Medium publication that believes individual action is the foundation on which we will achieve systemic change on behalf of the planet. Through this publication I aim to help individuals introduce small changes to their life and to understand how these contribute towards a greater good.

I have also written for Climate Conscious on Medium.

Circular Economy

I’m passionate about the Circular Economy, and believe that systemic and widespread adoption of Circular Economy principles is critical if we are to meet our climate targets. I’m the chapter organiser for the Circular Economy Club in Exeter.

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