I’m a project manager and design manager with a focus on maritime sustainability and resilience. I am passionate about helping ports to reduce their environmental impacts, to mitigate the impacts of climate change, and to create positive societal impact.

I’m a partner, father and dog-father, keenly aware of the challenges we will face in the future and the fortunate position we find ourselves in.

As a writer, I advocate for maritime and marine issues and promote a circular economy to encourage more responsible use of resources. I believe in affordable sustainable solutions for all, and I write to further this cause. I help individuals to understand complex environmental issues, understand their place in the global ecosystem, and move from concern to action to activism.

I’m a lifelong learner and approach life with a philosophy of exploration and curiosity. I write about life in Aotearoa New Zealand, parenthood, travel, stationery, cultural awareness, and more.

Where to find me:

Notepaths.com – blog

“For the love of the footpaths and the footnotes” – the home of my creative pursuits and my anchor point on the internet

Live Circular – newsletter

A weekly(ish) look at how a Circular Philosophy can make us better consumers, save us money, and save the planet.

  • Use for longer
  • Waste less
  • Support nature
  • Keep it local
  • Support responsible production
  • Support your community

Rethink Convenience – publication

Exploring how we can live more sustainably and why we should. This publication focuses on how individuals can make changes to their environmental impact, be informed and drive change.

Sustainability Calendar – resource

Helping you to plan a year of climate and environmental action. Summarises upcoming sustainability and environment-related holidays, observances, and days of action

The monthly summaries at Medium are currently on hiatus, but the year-long calendar will be kept as up-to-date as possible.

Circular Economy Club Exeter

CEC is a non-profit international circular economy network. CEC Exeter is voluntarily run by Kevin Jones to bring the CEC activities to our city.

CEC Exeter on Twitter

Why Notepaths?

In a hotel lobby in Mumbai, I read a letter to a travel magazine that espoused that travellers should be “lovers of the footnotes and the footpaths”. I loved this sentiment but thought that it sounded better the other way around (the footpaths and the footnotes). In addition, “footpaths” captured my love of travel, (c) “footnotes” captured learning and discovery, and (d) if I combined elements of both it could sound sort of like “notepads”, thus capturing stationery.

Support my Writing

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