Sustainability Rules

  1. Don’t worry about what others do – obsessing about things that are outside your control (such as the behaviour of others) is no good for your mental health, plus it diverts attention and energy away from the things you can control. Everyone is on their own journey.
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  2. Secure your own oxygen mask first – You can’t help others until you help yourself. In terms of sustainability, don’t presume to teach what you don’t already know and practice.
  3. Use the good china – Products are made to be used. Saving stuff for best means you have more than you need
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  4. Rethink convenience – Many of us agree that we need to do something, but — myself included — are waiting for someone else to make changes so we don’t have to. If we’re to contribute to environmental solutions then we need to rethink some of life’s conveniences that we’ve come to take for granted.
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  5. Compassion and respect – We are part of a complex, dynamic system of systems, of which we can’t opt out. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Be an ally and an advocate. Disdain bullies and tyrants.
  6. Seek out green and blue – When in urban environments, seek out the green and blue parts of the map : parks, woodlands, and other common areas; rivers, canals and the coast. Forest-bathe, or improve your blue health.
  7. No glitter – Seriously, it’s evil.
  8. Live Circular – live by a Circular Philosophy, specifically:
  • Use for longer
  • Waste less
  • Support nature
  • Keep it local – Support small local businesses to keep money in your local economy and reduce transit times.
  • Support responsible production – Support responsible businesses that put the planet before profit (B Corp, fairtrade, organic, etc).
  • Support your community

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