Sustainability Calendar

This is the full 12 month sustainability calendar, showing all sustainability and environment observances, holidays and days of action. I’ll keep this page current, but if you’re aware of any date changes or postponements, let me know! Are you aware of a day that I’ve missed? Let me know!

May ’22

All month:

Sunday, 1 to Saturday, 7 May:

Sunday, 1 May: Dawn Chorus Day (first Sunday in May)

Monday, 2 to Sunday, 8 May: National Gardening Week in the UK

Monday, 2 May: World Tuna Day

Tuesday, 3 May:

Friday, 6 to Sunday, 15 May: Go Public Gardens Days in the US

Saturday, 7 May: Green Up Day in Vermont, US (first Saturday in May)

Sunday, 8 May:

Saturday, 14 May: World Fairtrade Day
see also Fairtrade Fortnight in February

Monday, 16 to Friday, 20 May: Walk to School Week in the UK

Friday, 20 May:

Sunday, 22 May: International Day for Biological Diversity

Monday, 23 May: World Turtle Day

Tuesday, 24 May: European Day of Parks

Wednesday, 25 May: World Otter Day

Saturday, 28 May to Sunday, 5 June: National Children’s Gardening Week in the UK

Tuesday, 31 May: World Parrot Day

To be confirmed: Every Flower Counts in the UK

June ’22 (dates to be confirmed)

All month: 30 Days Wild in the UK

Until Sunday, 5 June: National Children’s Gardening Week in the UK

Wednesday, 1 to Tuesday, 7 June: Volunteers Week in the UK

Sunday, 5 June: World Environment Day

Monday, 6 to Friday, 10 June: Marine Environment Protection Committee 78 (IMO)

Monday, 6 to Sunday, 12 June:

Wednesday, 8 June: World Ocean Day

To be confirmed World Reef Day

Coral Triangle Day (south-east Asia) (theme: “Driving Blue Recovery for A Sustainable Coral Triangle”)
Official site

International Lynx Day

National Cougar Day

Global Wind Day

World Sea Turtle day
Official site

World Refill Day
Official site

World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought (Theme: “Restoration. Land. Recovery. We build back better with healthy land”)
Official Site

Clean Air Day in the UK
Official site

Plastic-Free Beauty Day in the UK

World Croc Day

Sustainable Gastronomy Day
Official site

Summer solstice

World Giraffe Day
Official site

World Camel Day

World Rainforest Day
Official site

World Sand Dunes Day

July 22 (dates to be confirmed)

All month: Plastic Free July (international)
Official site

Clean Beaches Week in the US
Official site

International Plastic Bag Free Day

National Don’t Step on a Bee Day in the UK

World Population Day
Official site

Shark Awareness Day (international)
Official site

World Chimpanzee Day
Official site

World Orca Day
Official site

World Snake Day

Love Parks Week in the UK
Official site

National Marine Week in the UK

World Nature Conservation Day

International Tiger Day
Official site

August ’22 (dates to be confirmed)

International Clouded Leopard Day

International Day of the World’s Indigenous People

National Allotments Week (UK)

World Lion Day

World Elephant Day

World Hirola Day

International wolf Day

National Honey Bee Day (?)

World Orangutan Day

World African Wild Dog Day

International Whale Shark Day

September ‘22 (dates to be confirmed)

All month: Organic September in the UK

Japan Dolphins Day, to raise awareness of and protest against the Taiji dolphin hunt

(first Saturday of September): International Vulture Awareness Day

Amazon Day (International),

International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer

(third Friday in September): PARK(ing) Day (International)

The Great British Beach Clean¹

(third Saturday in September) World CleanUp Day, an international day of litter picking

(third Saturday in September) International Red Panda Day

World Water Monitoring Day¹, to raise awareness about water pollution

(Third week in September): National Indoor Plant Week in the US.

Recycle Week in the UK

Zero Emissions Day (international)

World Car Free Day

World Rhino Day

Seed Gathering Season (UK)

FSC Friday (Forest Stewardship Council)

World Environmental Health Day¹

World Cassowary Day

(Fourth Sunday in September) World Rivers Day

Vernal Equinox

October ’22 (dates to be confirmed)

All month: Unblocktober (?)

All month: International Walk to School Month (international)

World Vegetarian Day (international)

World Farm Animals Day

(first Monday in October): World Habitat Day (international)

World Animal Day (international)

No Disposable Cup Day (UK)

(first Wednesday in October): Energy Efficiency Day (?)

National Badger Day (UK)

National Clean Air Day (UK) and International Clean Air Day

World Migratory Bird Day (Central and Southern America, Caribbean – see also May)

International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction

International E-Waste Day

World Food Day

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

World Okapi Day

International Sloth Day

Reptile Awareness Day (?)

(fourth Wednesday in October): Sustainability Day (?)

International Wombat Day

International Snow Leopard Day

Freshwater Dolphin Day

International Gibbon Day

International Day of Climate Action

(last Friday in October): World Lemur Day

November ’22 (dates to be confirmed)

All month: World Vegan Month (international)

World Vegan Day

International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict

(First Saturday in November): National Bison Day

America Recycles Day

World Fisheries Day

International Jaguar Day

December ’22 (dates to be confirmed)

International Cheetah Day

World Soil Day (international)

International Animal Rights Day (international)

International Mountain Day

Monkey Day

Winter Solstice

January ’23 (dates to be confirmed)

All month:

  • Veganuary (UK) – see also World Vegan Month and World Vegan Day, both in November
  • Big Energy Saving Winter (UK)
  • Walk Your Dog Month (international)

National Bird Day (US) – see also World Migratory Bird Day in May and October

Big Schools’ Birdwatch (UK)

Houseplant Week (UK) – see also National Indoor Plant Week in September

Davos Forum

Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the US.

Penguin Awareness Day (International)

Squirrel Appreciation Day (international) and Red Squirrel Day (UK)

World Environmental Education Day

International Zebra Day

February ’23 (dates to be confirmed)

Big Schools’ Birdwatch (UK)

World Wetlands Day

Student Volunteering Week in the UK

World Bonobo Day

World Hippopotamus Day

Random Acts of Kindness Day (international)

(third Saturday in February): World Pangolin Day

World Whale Day

World Day of Social Justice

Fairtrade Fortnight in the UK

International Mother Language Day

International Polar Bear Day

March ’23 (dates to be confirmed)

Fifth session of the United Nations Environment Assembly

Food Waste Action Week (UK)

UN World Wildlife Day

International Women’s Day

International Day of Action for Rivers (see also World Rivers Day in September)

Buzzards Day (no link)

Panda Day (no link) (see also International Red Panda Day in September)

Global Recycling Day (see also Recycle Week in October and America Recycles Day in November)

World Sparrow Day

World Frog Day (no link)

International Day of Forests and World Wood Day and World Planting Day (no link) (see also World Rainforest Day in June)

World Water Day

International Seal Day

World Bear Day

World Meteorological Day

Earth Hour (see also Earth Day in April)

(last Wednesday in March): Manatee Appreciation Day (no link)

Great British Spring Clean

Spring equinox

April ’23 (dates to be confirmed)

World Aquatic Animal Day
see also World Ocean Day in June, National Marine Week (UK) in July/August

Community Garden Week
see also National Gardening Week (UK) and Go Public Gardens Days (US) in May, National Children’s Gardening Week (UK) and Garden Wildlife Week (UK) in May/June, and National Growing for Wellbeing Week (UK) in June

World Health Day

International Beaver Day

Microvolunteering Day
See also Student Volunteering Week (UK) in February

Bat Appreciation Day (no link)

International Dark Sky Week

Earth Day
See also Earth Hour in March

World Malaria Day

World Penguin Day (no link)
See also Penguin Appreciation Day in January

World Tapir Day

Stop Food Waste Day
See also Food Waste Action Week (UK) in March and World Food Day in October

Arbor Day (US)
See also International Day of Forests in March, World Rainforest Day in June, and FSC Friday in September.

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