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About the Circular Advent

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Christmas Trees


  • Reuse your existing tree
  • If you buy new, buy reusable
  • Real trees are preferable to plastic
  • Trees with intact roots can be reused
  • Dispose of old trees responsibly
  • Living trees provide a natural habitat between winters


How green is your Christmas tree? – Article at the Conversation comparing the environmental footprints of various Christmas Tree options.

Wrapping Paper


  • Opt for reusable paper, bags and boxes
  • Encourage others to reuse
  • Use string or ribbon in place of tape to stop paper from being torn or damaged
  • Most wrapping paper can’t be recycled
  • No glitter!


It’s time we all gave serious thought to how we wrap our gifts – Exeter City Council article on why they don’t accept wrapping paper in the recycling

Tree decorations


  • Keep fragile items safe
  • Make your own, repurposing your recycling or rubbish, but remember:
    • No glitter!
  • Think traditional – decorations made from natural items (wood, fruit, spices)
  • Compost natural decorations when done
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