A Week in Textures 2

Monday, 15 to Sunday, 21 August 2022

Netting at the cricket club
(Monday, 15 August)

We found a pigeon flapping, caught in the netting. Dog frantic barking. The bird freed itself but almost got caught by the dog as it skirted the ground trying to find a way out from behind the net. No blood, no explosion of feathers, but it was close. Dog disappointed.

Rainwater on a steel coffee table
(Tuesday, 16 August)
Red stone cladding
(Wednesday, 17 August)
Sun-parched grass
(Thursday, 18 August)
(Friday, 19 August)
Children’s book spine (specifically Jane Foster’s Pets)
(Saturday, 20 August)
Last minute brick wall
(Sunday, 21 August)

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A Week in Textures 1 (Monday, 8 to Sunday 14 August)

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