A confession, an announcement and a promise

Photo and graphics: author

I have a confession to make.

Over the last year, my sustainability journey stalled. Single-use plastic multiplied, food waste increased. I’ve taken more shortcuts. We’ve eaten more meat and less local produce.

The main reason is that my partner and I underwent IVF treatment. Plastic increased because, as we shielded, our grocery options narrowed, particularly during lockdowns. Food waste increased as nausea and diet changes made meal planning difficult, at times impossible. As the toll of balancing IVF with life in the pandemic became more intense, exhaustion made lazy and unsustainable choices more appealing¹. Sometimes it’s hard to think of anything outside of our four walls, to consider anyone beyond our pack.

I say all this not to make excuses, but to clarify where we’ve been. I’m content in the knowledge that we do what we can and don’t expect anyone to work beyond their own limits².

But there is a degree of hypocrisy to my public face. I talk a good game, but I’m not always transparent when I’ve done something differently. Mostly, this is because of the private nature of fertility treatment, but this can change now.

You see, our IVF journey has come to end: we’re pregnant.

It’s been a long and tiring road to get here, but we’re overjoyed and happy.

We’re also overwhelmed and full of concern³, but I choose to channel this into change.

Here is where my sustainability journey changes.

Until now I’ve advocated for the planet simply because it is the right thing to do. Until now I was fighting for your children, the children of friends and family, the children of strangers.

Now though, I have skin in the game.

Starting now, I’m going to get loud, and annoying, and intense, and active. I refuse to stand idly by. I refuse to accept that we can’t change, that people don’t care.

So here’s my promise: I will not accept half measures, either from myself and from others. I will call out climate change denial and hypocrisy. I will challenge every single one of you to do more, to demand more.

I will get back in the game and make real changes. I will role model the change I want to see in this world, and I will make it as easy, as interesting and as fun as I can for everyone to join me.

I won’t write much about the pregnancy here but be assured that it informs everything I do and everything I write. Every word I put down will be in service of this promise, and if you don’t think I live up to this, call me out.

Love 💚x


¹ Something that is especially unacceptable, given that the point of this blog is to argue against taking the convenient and unsustainable choices

² What’s important is that we all do something, not that only some of us do it perfectly.

³ I hope that you are also overwhelmed and full of concern. If so, don’t despair. Come with me on this journey. If not, please watch this space. I promise to try to make it relevant, real, and relatable to you.