Sustainability tip for 2 April: reuse spare scraps of paper, rather than recycle.

It becomes concerning to me just how much perfectly usable paper and card we put to recycling. Not all of this paper will be recycled, sadly, and that which does will likely be a product inferior in quality to what started. We also have to think of the energy, water and physical labour which is required to make this inferior product.

So, with the buyerarchy of needs in mind, my tip today is this: reuse spare scraps of paper, rather than recycle.

I have a few things in mind for our saveable paper. Firstly, as shown in the image, I will cut little squares for tips and recommendations. I’ve wanted to make my process on Medium more analogue for a while and this seems like a perfect opportunity.

I also plan to make pocket notebooks from waste paper, but that progresses more slowly as I need paper plain on both sides.

What uses do you have to save paper from the recycling bin?