How I use the short-form article feature: I treat short-form like my personal anything-goes blog. I react to current events, share things I’ve learned, or to connect idle thoughts. It’s my place to explore ideas that don’t yet warrant a full article.

Photo: StockSnap from Pixabay / Graphics: Author

I enjoy the challenge of keeping each article under 150 words (the upper limit for short-form articles). It encourages me to be concise and makes me think carefully about word choice. Lessons which I carry forward to my feature articles and essays.

Consistent with New Year’s Resolution 5 (“Less Focus on Schedule”), I don’t pressure myself to write daily, or publish so many articles a week. It’s a tool to use when I want, to encourage regular writing without turning it into work.

If you’re interested in giving short-form writing a try, guidance can be found here.