Topical fruits

There is plenty of support for growing more of our own food. Tell your local supermarket we want more U.K. produce…Not much choice of U.K. cheeses, fruit and veg in some shops. (John Redwood)

He rightly received criticism for these words, used to excuse Brexit’s logistical failings. Commentators rightly pointed out that UK supermarkets can’t sell what isn’t there, and that our food infrastructure is wholly reliant on imports.

The responses lampooned the suggestion that we grow tropical fruits here. However, an underlying truth was largely ignored: as a nation, we are spoiled, too reliant on imported out-of-season luxuries.

For the planet’s sake, we need to limit international shipping of food. Carbon targets will only partly be met through renewable energy, the rest will come from us using less energy. We don’t have to give up our bananas or pineapple, just have them less often.