The more I think about sustainability, the more I realise that it’s not going to be about an innovative solution or a miracle reversal of forecasts. It will be about compromise, from a societal level and all the way down to the personal.

The maths are simple: consuming more than we can afford to, discarding more resources than we should, and wasting more time than we have, is not sustainable. Almost all of us agree that we need to do something, but most of us — myself included — are waiting for someone else to make changes so we don’t have to.

Which is why I think we need to rethink convenience.

If we’re ever to reduce single use plastics, we need to rethink how we approach sustenance … and that may mean us foregoing the convenience of picking a pre-packed sandwich off the shelf.

If we’re ever to reduce our carbon footprint, we need to make more intentional uses of fuel … and that may mean us foregoing the convenience of being able to jump in the car for short journeys.

If we’re ever to convince unsustainable businesses to change, we need to put our money behind the sustainable ones … and that may mean us foregoing the convenience of cheaper goods or services.

We need to release some of the conveniences that we’ve come to take for granted. More than that we need to willingly encourage a little inconvenience into our lives.

In this blog I’m going to share some of my journey to be more sustainable. I’m sharing in the hope that it will inspire at least one other person.

I’m going to share my struggle because some of it will be a struggle, and that’s okay. Because we need to be honest with ourselves: this journey will not be easy but it is essential. And who knows, maybe we will come to appreciate a little inconvenience.

What convenience could you do without? Do you think it’s possible for us to avert our current course without making sacrifices?